New Features Of Java 7It is amazing how java has been accepted into the technology world. So I would like to talk about the latest technology features offered by Java 7. As I mentioned early on, Java was not adopted right away by the technical community. There were a lot of concerns about security and memory usage. Now advance a few years and the tables have turned. The fact that Java has the ability to be created on one platform, and then share by several others, has really given developers a chance to have the applications ran in more environments. So every so often enhancements are made, and this allows improvements for some of the latest technology created with the Java platform. Some improvements to the Java 7 platform are security, networking and swing to name a few.

Some of the latest technology has gone into this new component to make Java 7 an even better platform to be developed on. As I mentioned security early on had been a concern when it came to Java, well I think the improvements certainly eliminate those concerns. While I want elaborate in this post in great detail of the enhancements, I will give some teasers that will allow you to do some research and learn more. Security features for Java 7 include things like Elliptic Cure Cryptography (ECC), JSSE, Endpoint verification and algorithm disabling. The networking piece has been provided with a URLClassLoader.close method. Some many improvements have gone into Java 7. This software product will certainly be changing technology, and I’m excited to see how. If you enjoy the Java platform, then, please visit Oracle’s website to obtain more information about the latest technology that can be offer with this platform.

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New Features Of Java 7