Apple TV: All in one Entertainment DeviceOn September 2010, Apple Inc, one of the giants of current technologies, introduced the all-new second generation of Apple TV.

This new model differs from the previous one both in design and performance. With Apple TV you will have a great chance to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology. Let’s see what Apple offers us this time:

  • Slim and stylish design — the new Apple TV is four times smaller in dimensions (3.9″x3.9″x0.9″) and weighs 0.6 pounds. It works with a single cable connection and consumes less energy.
  • The advanced technology of Apple TV gives you the opportunity to connect to Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe. You can enjoy Flickr and MobileMe slideshows, watch TV shows, videos and listen to music via YouTube and Netflix.
  • Movie rentals — latest movie releases will appear at your house sooner than on DVDs. All top rated movies, latest releases can be rented with the help of Apple TV. Small movie reviews are also available. Rentals do not cost much (start at about $3). When you rent, you can start the viewing in 30 hours. Once you click the Play button, you have 24 hours at your disposal to enjoy the movie as many times as you want.
  • Due to the Remote application you can control the Apple TV with your other Apple devices. The AirPlay allows you to pass videos, movies, photos (JPEG, GIF, TIFF formats) from your Apple devices to the Apple TV and watch them in higher quality, with better sound and colors, on a larger screen.

To enjoy all these opportunities, you should have access to wireless network connection and accounts at iTunes and Netflix.

Apple TV is now three times cheaper than the first model — $99.

Photo © Apple

Apple TV: All in one Entertainment Device